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Compassionate,<br/> Christ­-centered Care Orthopedic Services

Christ­-centered Care

Crossway Medical Clinic is a family care medical clinic with Primary Care Physicians ready to serve you and your loved ones of all ages.

Orthopedic Services

Dr. Bret Frey specializes in Orthopedic services, including Arthritis Management, Joint Replacement, and Sports Medicine.

We want to be your family doctor

Serving the whole family with Compassionate, Christ-centered care.

Services We Offer


  Crossway Medical Clinic is proudly affiliated with Foot and Ankle Center of Oklahoma, the #1 Podiatrist in Oklahoma City....


Crossway Medical Clinic offers services for Cardiology in the following areas: General Cardiology Electrophysiology Preoperative Risk Evaluation Crossway Medical Clinic’s...

ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery

Crossway offers a specialty Ear, Nose, and Throat medical practice, with the option of Facial Plastic Surgery. Ear, Nose, and...

Orthopedic Services

Crossway offers comprehensive Orthopedic services, including Arthritis Management, Fracture Care, Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy, Hand Surgery, Foot Surgery, and Sports Medicine....

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