You’ve probably heard a thousand different ways to keep your skin healthy. “Drink more water,” gets annoying after hearing it a hundred times, and you’ve probably heard that you are supposed to wear sunscreen any time you may catch a ray of sunlight.

Although these common skin care tips are true and effective, here is some other advice that you may have not heard on how to keep your skin clear and healthy.

  • Routine plays a huge role in all aspects of your health; especially for your skin.
    • If you decide to try a new face wash, moisturizer or medication, it will take your skin 3-8 months to get used to it, and it may get worse before it gets better.
    • Create a skin care routine that you can stick to that works for your individual skin. Wash it with the same face wash 1-2 times a day, depending on your skin’s sensitivity and how oily it is, and apply moisturizer as needed, but be sure to use the same moisturizer every time.
    • Sweat, dirt, and dust can easily stick to your skin and clog your pores. If you break a sweat or expose yourself to excessive amounts of dirt or dust, clean your skin by showering or with antibacterial soap as soon as possible to avoid clogging pores.
  • You’ve heard it a thousand times- drink water; consistently. Even if you don’t quite reach the recommended amount daily (2.7-3.7 liters,) try to drink about the same amount everyday. This will help your body adjust and absorb the water, keeping your body hydrated.
    •  Keeping a routine balanced diet will also help your skin fully benefit from the nutrients you’re feeding it. This does not necessarily mean eating the exact same meals everyday, but try to keep your portions of carbohydrates, fruits, and veggies about the same.
  • Pay attention to your unique body. Through genetics, diet, lifestyle, careers, age, gender, and hygiene, no two people have the same skin.
    • As you change anything in your routine, give special attention to how it may affect your skin. Moving to a different state? The humidity, temperature, elevation, and weather in your new state may create a change for your skin. Pay attention to these things, and adjust your care routine as needed.
  • Clear, healthy, wrinkle-free skin starts from the inside out. Whether struggling through the teen years of hormone-induced acne, or regretting every day you went without sunscreen as the wrinkles start appearing, everyone wants clear healthy-looking skin.
  • Think: from the inside out. Your inner skincare routine is just as important as your cleansing routine, and for some, is more effective. What you feed your body will affect what is on the outside. Research what type of vitamins and nutrients your skin lacks based on the condition of your skin, and what you need to consume more of to create that perfect balance.
    • For a general rule, dairy, sugary, and fried foods are hard on your skin, while fruits, vegetables, fatty foods, and other whole foods supply your skin with the right nutrients.

There are endless ways that you can help care for your skin, and different doctors will have different opinions. Talk to your physician about any concerns, and they may refer you to a specialist if needed.