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Kim McElroy

joel-kim-mcelroyMy daughter has had a tough road. She has lived with a number of medical issues, including a rare blood disorder and the ongoing effects of a drug addiction. At one point she had seen over twenty physicians. Then Dr. Floyd met with her, and he listened. He understood. He counseled her and earned her trust.

She has now been drug free for three years and is doing so much better than when she first saw Dr. Floyd. In fact, he has become the only doctor she trusts. She always runs specialists’ advice by Dr. Floyd. She knows that he cares for us more than just a normal physician would.

Dr. Floyd is on my Christmas list. He has been crucial to my family’s physical well being. He takes the time to not just treat the patient, but to understand what’s going on. He encourages us to take wellness seriously. He’s treating all three of us now-my daughter, my husband, and me. In a nutshell: I trust him, and there is no counsel he would give me that I would not take wholeheartedly.

Crossway’s new facility doesn’t feel like a doctor’s clinic-it’s comfortable and beautiful, and the staff is amazing. They are branching out into a more wholistic medical program, extending their services to be a sort of one-stop, where a patient is tested, diagnosed, and treated. It’s really an amazing place.

-Kim McElroy