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Interview with Dr. Zann McMahan


ZannMcMahanWe are excited to announce the addition of Zann McMahan, MD, to the Crossway team. Recently we sat down with him for a brief interview.

When did you know you wanted to be a doctor?

I knew in junior high that I wanted to be a doctor. I had always excelled in my science classes, and my family doctor was someone I really enjoyed being around. He had a great personality and a fun, compassionate bedside manner. I had this idea that I wanted to be like that, and he was someone I pictured myself growing into.

What attracted you to Crossway?

I’m most excited to be part of the Crossway system. Dr. Schrader and the team here have created an environment where the doctor has the freedom to change things and customize a plan specifically for each individual patient. The staff here shares the same values and ethics, the same vision, principles, and goals that I have, and that’s a blessing to be a part of.

Describe your approach.

I want my patients to feel they have someone in their corner, someone who’s consistent and will be here for them. I’m not a doctor who hurries through appointments or just approaches a patient’s physical needs alone. I want to be a resource and provide advice and counsel when they need it. I want them to be able to trust me.

What are some of your strongest beliefs about medicine?

I often recommend patients journal their symptoms. I’ve seen this be a big help to my patients who are unsure if they are progressing and where things stand. To be able to go back with and look at 30, 60, 90 days ago and see what was going on then and how things have improved has been a great thing for many of them.

Another thing I counsel patients on is being aware of stress triggers. We as doctors have to get better at viewing the whole person and not just isolating physical needs but being conscious of their emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness as well. These things are all tied together, and pills alone can’t fix them. I try to help patients discover triggers that stress them out, which can lead to health issues and spiral the wrong direction.

I’m also a big diet and exercise proponent. I myself went to a low-carb diet a few years ago and lost thirty pounds. Low-carb and low-starch diets keep inflammation low, which can often help minimize or even eliminate other issues. And it’s important to know that our bodies are good at getting around medicine if we don’t nourish them correctly and exercise.

What do you enjoy away from the office?

Like a good Oklahoman I love to fish, and I hunt anything and everything—deer, turkey, geese, and duck. I’ve got three kids, and my ten-year-old has started tagging along so that’s been fun. I also play guitar. I like to play old country and western songs by Hank Williams and Willie Nelson but also some 90s rock bands.

I’ve also been volunteering at Lighthouse Free Clinic since 2001, and short-term medical mission trips are another thing I really enjoy. I went to Haiti last year and actually just returned from a trip to Guatemala. Helping the least of these is a call Jesus has given us and that’s something I love pursuing.