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Focus-MD at Crossway Medical Clinic

 Focus-MD in Practice at Crossway Medical Clinic


What is Focus-MD?

Focus-MD is a medical practice for children and adults with ADHD and related problems. Dr. James Wiley started Focus-MD so that he would have more time to devote to the diagnosis and treatment of these patients. Focus-MD provides objective testing, medical treatment as well as behavior modification strategies.

Start Here, And Go From Frustration To Focus

Our new solution for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD looks at the whole patient, rather than just writing a prescription based on various symptoms that may or may not indicate ADHD. Our clinics are staffed by practicing medical doctors who take time to listen to the patient, then use their experience and cutting edge technology to correctly diagnose and treat ADHD.

Continued communication is essential in maintaining effective treatment of ADHD. Email allows patients, parents, spouses and teachers easy access to our office for the management of common side effects and medication dose titration. Focus-MD works with children, teens and adults who have spent years frustrated by the effects of ADHD. It is an exciting time in the advancement of ADHD treatment, and Focus-MD is leading the way. If a family member or someone you know has lived with or suffers from ADHD, contact us to make an appointment, and discover how we can help take your family from frustration and to focus.


Address: 609 W Memorial Road

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73114

Phone: (405)418-5400

Hours: Monday-Friday: 8-5


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Susan Redwine, MD

Dr. Redwine has been practicing general pediatrics in Edmond for 12 years.

Patient Specialty
Dr. Redwine has been practicing general pediatrics in Edmond for 12 years, and sees patients from newborn through 19 years old. She is excited to add Focus-MD to her medical practice at Crossway Medical Clinic for patients with ADHD or other related conditions. Click here for more information on Dr. Redwine and her practice.




Stuart Schrader, DO

Before opening Crossway Medical Clinic, Dr. Schrader practiced at Saints Physicians North and Mercy Northwest Family Clinic in Oklahoma City. He has also treated patients across the globe in emergency rescue/disaster operations and on medical mission trips.

Patient Specialty

Dr. Schrader can see both children and adult patients for general family medicine, and has recently added Focus-MD to his practice for all ages. Click here for more information on Dr. Schrader and his practice.

For more information on Focus-MD, visit their website at: www.focus-md.com