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Dr. Redwine and Dr. Schrader are looking forward to using Focus-MD’s practice to diagnose and treat ADHD


Crossway physicians Dr. Schrader and Dr. Redwine have been working with Focus-MD, a medical practice that diagnoses and treats ADHD patients, and will be bringing its system to Crossway Medical Clinic.

Parents are often hesitant to even look into the possibility of ADHD for their children. They may be scared of the testing, expenses, medications, effectiveness, misdiagnosing, long-term effects, and many other aspects that they may have seen go wrong with someone who has been diagnosed with ADHD.


A majority of physicians have a difficult time properly diagnosing and treating ADHD patients, usually due to lack of understanding of the disorder or lack of the required time that ADHD patients need to be treated in the best way possible. A common fear is that doctors will rush the diagnosis, and prescribe the patient with medication that is not specifically what the individual needs, and may lack frequent follow-ups to adjust treatment as needed. Some seem to be especially concerned that their medicated child will become a “zombie” or “robot” if they take ADHD medicine, or that they will end up having long-term effects such as chemical dependence, or substance abuse later on.


Focus-MD is a medical practice that is changing the way ADHD and similar medical conditions are diagnosed and treated. Doctors are trained to take the time to do the evaluations needed, and given the resources to properly test and diagnose patients with ADHD; the end result being a happier and healthier patient. Your evaluation begins before your first appointment, and your treatment will continue to be evaluated as the process goes on. Using the Focus-MD system, doctors will carefully select and prescribe medication that is best for you or your child, then follow-up with frequent communication to assess if the dosage, frequency, and type of medication is treating the diagnosis properly. Focus-MD uses new cutting-edge technology and resources to help diagnosis as well. Sometimes diet, behavioral, or lifestyle changes are also recommended, which are especially effective with long-term treatment.


Dr. Schrader and Dr. Redwine have been working with Focus-MD and are looking forward to using their system to be able to help both children and adults at Crossway Medical Clinic who are living with ADHD. Starting in June, they will use Focus-MD’s practice to diagnose and treat patients.

If you or someone you know may be showing symptoms of ADHD, call Crossway Medical Clinic to get the best diagnosis and treatment plan possible.