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Designing a New Healthcare Experience

When we set out to design the new Crossway Medical Center offices, we collaborated with all stakeholders, including doctors, nurses, administrators and patients to create a comfortable and attractive space that also featured state-of-the-art clinical services and technology.

Office design is an often overlooked element in the success of a medical practice. There are many factors we had to take into consideration, including traffic flow, patient comfort and privacy, and the accommodation of medical equipment.


“Hospitality Design”

Until very recently, the majority of healthcare has taken place against a sterile, institutional backdrop. In medical facilities, the primary concern is technical function, and rightly so! However, because of this, the aesthetic of these spaces has been an afterthought.



The primary colors employed in most practices are what designers describe as “cold”—whites, grays, and stainless steel. Over the last decade, researchers have discovered that this can actually put patients in an uneasy and even stressed mental state. At the same time, they have identified a correlation between environments with warm, welcoming aesthetics and successful patient outcomes. It’s been proven that the design of a space can actually have positive effects on people’s health.

“The reality is, the better it’s designed, the better it feels, the better you feel,” says Dr. Schrader. This research has led to the advent of what is now called “hospitality design.”


Soothing the Senses

Today some medical equipment manufacturers are beginning to offer basic office design services in order to promote the sale of their products. However, they don’t focus on the total office environment and function, and often are not in touch with local codes and building requirements. Crossway has taken the principles of hospitality design and put them into practice, creating an atmosphere that is not only functional but also actually promotes healing.

We’ve created a physical space designed with healthcare in mind. The colors, patterns and textures we’ve selected are designed specifically to produce a sense of calm and peace. From the cool, soothing blue of the walls, to the natural wood floors and cabinetry, to the earth-toned countertops and bright floral artwork, all the elements of our environment were thought through and placed just so.

“One thing we kept at the forefront of our thinking was getting as much natural light into the waiting area and patient rooms as possible,” says Dr. Schrader. “Natural light is so good for you. We achieved this to great effect, and in fact the only rooms without light are also the smallest rooms in the building—the doctors’ personal offices!”


Bring Those Kiddos!  

As a family medical practice, another thing we planned for was lots of small visitors! All of our physicians are certified to treat both children and adults, so many times we provide care for entire families. As much as we love having children in the office, we know it can sometimes be challenging to keep little tykes happy in a waiting area, so we have stocked ours with toys, puzzles, coloring books, and a television that is dedicated to cartoons.





Altogether, Crossway has created an aesthetically pleasing office that provides a comfortable environment for patients and their families, while enabling a smooth work flow and effective healthcare. In our experience this has resulted in successful patient experiences and most importantly improved health! Schedule your appointment today to come see the new and improved Crossway Medical Center.